Did you know that you can complete an online admission?

Alternatively CLICK HERE to download the admission information form.

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Upon admission please supply the following supporting documentation which is required for admission

Copy of ID (Resident).
Copy of medical aid card (Resident).
Recent medical information, scans. X-rays, Doctors reports.
List of all chronic allergies and chronic illness.
Next of kin contact details with ID copies.
Proof of residence (Next of Kin).
Signed advance health care directive. – Click here to download
Surety forms with Id Copies. – Click here to download
Signed house rules. – Click here to download
Residents agreements (Contract). – Click here to download
Terms of Service agreement. – Click here to download

All medication to be brought along with the recent prescription from the resident’s doctor is required.
Medication will be counted and registered in our records and dispensed accordingly.
All chronic medication must be brought from Home and medication remains the responsibility of the resident and next of kin to supply the old age home.

Chronic medication

Where a resident has a chronic prescription, and the chronic medication has not been obtained, the medication will be ordered via Mothwa Havens` pharmacy and must be paid for by the client themselves, next of kin or medical aid should they have medical aid available.

Important: All medication must be in there original packaging.

Comfortable pajama’s, nightgown.
Comfortable loose-fitting clothing for during the day.
Towels, 2 facecloths & own toiletries.
Special snacks/ Treats, magazines, or your bedside radio.
Own bed/Medical bed/ wheelchair/Walker – Clearly marked.
Make the room feel more homely with family photos for a personal touch.

It is strongly advised not to bring any items of valuable nature.
We have a pocket money system where money can be deposited for the resident`s needs.
We have one dedicated administrative member who does the shopping of the residents once a week.

All residents must bring their own nappies which is not included in the monthly tariff.
Ward Stock is also not included and will be billed to the residents account monthly.